Consistency in 2015

Economics of Human Development - StrengthsOver the past three years, I have been committing to a Goal Word that will help guide me through the year ahead. As 2015 is quickly approaching, it is once again time to make my goal word known… Consistency.

Last year I choose Consistency, and this year I am choosing it again. Why? Well, because there is still much to learn.



In November I had the opportunity to attend the StrengthsQuest Educator Training (SBED 100), which is an introduction to strengths-based education and one out of six courses that one can take to become “Strengths Certified“. During this training, we were challenged to further develop our strength’s language and to practice articulating what our strengths mean and how they apply to us. In a nutshell… How can we leverage and develop our strengths to help us maximize our potential!

One piece of advice that was shared with us is that, in a Utopian world, we would focus on one theme of talent for an entire year. Not that we would neglect our other 33 talent themes, or not pay close attention to the rest of our Top 5, but that we should focus on one talent theme and truly gain a mastery of it. This is how we turn a natural theme of talent into a strength. Our facilitator said to engage in activities and experiences that will help us to further explore the talent theme and to be purposeful in speaking a strengths language fluently.

I am pledging that I will spend 2015 with a focus on my number one theme of talent: Consistency.

My Top 10 Themes of Talent:

  1. Consistency
  2. Achiever
  3. Discipline
  4. Restorative
  5. Relator
  6. Learner
  7. Responsibility
  8. Belief
  9. Communication
  10. Positivity

My strengths journey will take a lot of energy and effort, attention and focus. However, it is my hope that over the next 10 years, that I can master my naturally occurring themes of talents and turn them all into true strengths.

What are your top 5, or 10, talent themes?

How will you focus on #OneWord this year and make it part of your daily living for the 365 days that follow December 31, 2014?

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